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Contact Us is a 28 year-old family-owned and -operated diversified recycling firm located east of San Diego in El Cajon, California. The weighty attributes of our industry have long been a source of frustration: we are in a rare business in which we pay our clientele, and which serves the greater good of the planet, but our established infrastructure limits the range of consumers whose lives we are able to affect. We developed Recycling Kiosk models to place our valuable offering in the same places that our customers were already spending their money, in order to make recycling as user-friendly and accessible as possible, so that consumers would make recycling as much of an integrated part of their commercial lives as shopping. Be a part of the solution: integrate recycling into your commercial life and the life of your organization today.
Mission Statement
To make user-friendly, accessible "reverse-retail" recycling an integrated part of the global community's commercial activity.